Saturday, May 8, 2010

Let's Get Random ...

Just for gig­gles (and fol­low­ing in the foot­steps of a few of my blog bud­dies) I am post­ing 25 ran­dom facts about myself.  The only rule is that the facts can’t be your nor­mal, aver­age, every­day things that peo­ple prob­a­bly already know about you. This should be interesting …


25 Ran­dom Facts

1. I was a marine biol­o­gist major in col­lege before becom­ing a para­le­gal major.

2. I am a plethora of ran­dom facts. 

3. I don’t have a favorite color. My mood deter­mines what I like when.

4. My first child’s name starts with an “A” & my sec­ond child’s name starts with a “Z” … and I did it that way on pur­pose. (hint: the alpha­bet)

5. I was so fas­ci­nated with ani­mals as a child that I wanted to boil a rat to get his skele­ton. (Of course my  mom wouldn’t let me).

6. I think cup­cakes are bet­ter than reg­u­lar cakes.

7. I can still recite the V.I.C.A. pledge.

8. I am never sat­is­fied with my hair.

9. I love all things para­nor­mal, but I am ter­ri­fied of it too.

10. I want a farm in Vir­ginia & a house on the beach on an island.

11. I am not afraid of the dark … but deathly afraid of what’s in it that I can’t see.

12. I read the dic­tio­nary.

13. I hate white walls.

14. I pre­fer fresh-cut wild­flow­ers over expen­sive roses any day. (Daisies are my favorite).

15. I love to take pic­tures but I hate being in them.

16. I like to design houses and floor plans.

17. I want to take pic­tures in the African jun­gles. 

18. I love egg cus­tard.

19. I am a list maker.

20. I am the world’s worst pro­cras­ti­na­tor.

21. I am of Ger­man descent and have fam­ily in Ger­many that I have never met.

22. I would love to adopt chil­dren from over­seas.

23. I hold grudges for too long.

24. I am addicted to shop­ping at the Thrift Store.

25. I am superstitious.

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