Monday, December 13, 2010

Two decades ago ...


What was happening 20 years ago today? 

Here are a few things ...

  • 13 Die in Sicily Quake
  • 3 Agencies Honored for Aiding the Poor
  • THEATER REVIEW 'RECKLESS' : Cruel Yule : If Alice fell down the rabbit hole, Rachel is a cat being dragged through a knothole.
  • Puppet Shows, Storytelling at Ritz-Carlton
  • Santa Monica Food Bank Gets $15,000
  • ANC President Tambo Returns to South Africa
  • 4 Houses Sinking Near Ill. Mine

AND ... 

The birth of Amberlyn Morgan R.

Happy Birthday baby girl!

You have amazed me, challenged me, intrigued me, frustrated me, and fascinated me. You have made me happy, confused, proud, mad, and overjoyed. We have shared tears, tantrums and fits of laughter. All for 20 years. Here's to 20 more fantabulous years of growing up with my beautiful, talented, sweet and funny oldest daughter. I love you with my entire soul.


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