Thursday, September 2, 2010

What day am I on?

Day 6 & 7 ...

Am I still doing my 365 project? Yes I am. Why did I miss a blog day? Um, well do you want the truth or some really cool story? Am I losing interest already? No. Is the sky blue? I don't know I haven't really seen it today.

Well, you see I was doing spending time with my loving family and we got into a very deep conversation about the meaning of life and I simply lost track of time. I was going to get caught up on my blogging today but I was distracted by a very upset neighbor. I spent most of the day cleaning her home and consoling her and ... and who am I kidding? I didn't even buy that lame excuse. Truth is I fell asleep on the couch. I was going to blog and I just flippin' fell asleep. The bad part was that no one bothered to wake me up, cover me up or move me even a hair. I woke up ... in the clothes I had on yesterday, cold and scrunched up in a little ball on a piece of the couch.

So why didn't I blog this morning? Well, honestly I was a bit shook up. My oldest son's school was let out early today due to a power outage. Zac called and asked if he could drive to his friend's house to play W.O.W. to which I gladly said "yes". Not 15 minutes later I receive a call saying that he had been in an accident. He was fine, thank the Lord, but in an accident none the less. Apparently, an F150 truck was in the right hand lane and came over on him (in his small Honda Prelude) pushing him into another car in the median/turn lane. Of course any mother would have been concerned, but I was beyond concerned. I was an emotional wreck. It could have been because the night before, my son shared a *video with me that rocked me to my core. So much so that I had horrible visions flash before me when I got the news of his wreck.

Needless to say, I got very little accomplished today but I have not tossed my project to the wayside.  I will no doubt be back on track tomorrow.

Tasks for 09/02/10 :
Mind - Read, read, read.
Body - Paint my toes and take a peaceful walk.
Spirit - Study a passage from my new Bible.

*This video is of a graphic nature. Viewer discretion is advised.


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