Thursday, September 9, 2010

Will Work for School Fees …


There are those days that I just want to sit down and pound out a semi-nasty letter to the people who keep sending me little notes home, via my teens, regarding the new school fees that I have to pay.

To Whom It May Concern:

Are. You. Serious? I mean really, truly serious? Since when did public school become more expensive than private school? Forget the fact that we are currently in an economic crisis or that we (my household personally) are searching for every penny in the couch just to make ends meet. But step back and take an honest look at the amount of money you, whoever you may be, request on a regular basis ... for high school. Not college or trade school, but high school. Now keep in mind that the education that you are providing for these children, that is based on the amount of  funds that you purge from my purse, is what our future will be built on. In other words, if I don't pay then my children will suffer. But are you forgetting that these kids and their education or a lack there of will cause you to suffer later. Come on people, these are the same kids that will be running our nation, working in our hospitals, and running nuclear power plants. Do you really want to hinge your future on a $30.00 tech fee, or a $25.00 DECA fee?

I understand that my oldest son's senior year is going to cost a bit more than the junior and sophomore that I have. However, you money hungry, blood suckers have gone above and beyond. I swear that you must prey on the love of a mother for her child. I mean, who else would pay $352.00 for invitations, several hundred for senior pictures, money for cap and gown, tassels etc. etc. etc.  That of course, is on top of everything else that is considered regular school fees.

I have bought school supplies, including copy paper and dry erase markers for the teachers (among other things). The "suggested" class donations have been paid and the not-so-cheap graphing calculators and jump drives have been purchased. Checks have been sent to cover parking permits, $3.00 a day lunches and planners that will never be used. Now you hit up for more money. It seems that there are fees to use school computers, club fees (chess, Spanish, HOSA, DECA), band fees (Texas trips, uniforms, majorette batons AIN'T cheap), lab fees and such. Not to mention the snack money I dish out every day for the school's vending machines or the money I hand over every Friday night so that I can have the pleasure of seeing my kid in the band. 

I know it is asking a lot of you ... but could you please cut me some slack? I would appreciate it if you would focus on educating my children instead of draining my bank account.

Peeved Parent

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  1. Momma, I know you're ticked off, and it's totally understandable. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff they stick us with in college. First example, the book store. Tip for college: Get your list early and BUY AMAZON b/c the bookstore is the first place they come at you with CRAZY prices.

    Oh and the meal plans? SIXTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS for a meal plan (19 meals a week) REQUIRED for freshman year "so they can make sure we can eat" even though it's not in my ability to go to the caf every flippin' meal.

    That said, it's obvious it ever ends. However, I think you should keep some things in mind. I know it seems like they're out to get you, but the stuff you're paying for (trips, clubs and technology, etc.) ARE all things to further your children's educations. Graduation fees suck, but it's once in a lifetime (times three life times lol). Donations for the classroom are only b/c the school doesn't give the teachers enough money to furnish for themselves (even though they TOTALLY should).

    Wanna save money? Quit the snack machine and pack lunch every once in a while. I bring my own snacks to class. Buying 10 in a box or 2 for 1 on sale at walmart sure is cheaper than spending 85 cents every time I want a bag of chips or a granola bar. And since I don't always get to go to the caf, I pack my lunch... It's not that expensive. :)

    I love you, Momma. Best of luck.