Friday, September 25, 2009

In Memory of Jonah W. Sanders

When a parent dies, you lose your past; when a child dies, you lose your future. - Anonymous

Jonah W. Sanders made his grand entrance into this world on September 26, 1997.  He was greeted by his mother, Brandi Dodd Sanders (Olive), his father, John D. Sanders and his big sister, Jessi Moriah Sanders. From the very beginning he stole the hearts of everyone he met. Jonah's big blue eyes soaked up all that he saw. His blonde hair waved in the wind as he ran here and there, chasing imaginary foes. His smile would brighten the darkest day; his laughter filled any room. He enjoyed playing with his sister and his cousins, loved riding his bike and playing in the dirt at his Meme's and Pawpaw's house. Jonah loved life and enjoyed every minute of his. A tragic accident ended the brief but beautiful life of this vivacious four year old on July 6, 2001. The loss of this precious soul was felt by many, leaving a hole that could never be filled. Jonah is gone, but he will never be forgotten. May his eyes behold the wonders of Heaven, may the wind tousle his hair as he flies on angel's wings.


Birth: 26 Sep 1997
Death: 06 Jul 2001
Angels Everywhere

Last night I dreamed of angels,
there were angels everywhere,
they were tickling my toes,
they were tousling my hair,
they were plumping up my pillow,
they were kissing me on my head,
they were singing silly songs,
as they raced about my bed.

They were on the top of my toy box,
they were on the books that I like,
they were flying around my room,
they were even riding my bike,
there were angels, angels, angels,
for as far as I could see...
when I woke up this morning
there were angel wings on me.

Last night did you dream of angels,
were there angels everywhere,
were they kissing you on your nose,
were they playing with your hair,
were they plumping up your pillow,
were they racing around your bed,
I told them to be quiet,
and to comfort you instead.

Were they on the top of the television,
were they on the books that you like,
were they flying around your room,
did you see them on my bike,
were there angels, angels, angels,
for as far as you could see...
I sent them down to Jess and you
because you were thinking about me.

So when you start to dream tonight,
You’ll see me everywhere,
I will kiss you on your nose,
I will caress your pretty hair,
I will plump up your pillow,
As you lay down your sweet head,
I will tell you funny stories,
While I sit beside your bed.

I will be there in the morning mommy,
I will be there at night,
I will send the rain to give you kisses,
I will send the wind to hug you tight,
I will use my wings to visit you,
for they’re fast and fun you see ...
so when you wake tomorrow mommy,
there will be feathers left by me.
Crystal Estell (c)2009

Angels Everywhere is a poem written by Crystal Estell. The cherub photo was not created by me, but found online.


  1. Happy 12th birthday to my beautiful little boy. I hope your enjoying your day in heaven. I miss you so, so very much. One day, when I reach the end of this life, I will run to you, sweep you up in my arms and hold you for an eternity. On that day you and I will never be parted again. Jessi sends all her love as well and wants you to know she misses the little brother who filled her life with such joy. We both thank you for the kisses that are raining down upon us today and we send ours back up to you with all of our hearts.
    Love Always,

  2. Happy Birthday, Jonah. I never had the pleasure of meeting you. But I have seen pictures, and heard stories. I love your mommy and your sister with all my heart. I know that when our lives here are over, that is when I will finally get to meet Brandi and Jessi's sweet little angel. I've told my boys about you many times. They send you balloons every chance they get. I can't wait for the day when you and my boys can play together for eternity. Keep your mommy and sister safe from Heaven, and I will be here for them on Earth.

  3. Ana Lee @ newlyidentifiedSeptember 26, 2009 at 6:48 AM

    This is absolutely beautiful.

  4. This is so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. I hope to see some beautiful pictures of this sweet boy one day. I love you Brandi and I am so glad you know you have the ultimate babysitter until you see your precious Jonah again. You lost Jonah but are so blessed here on Earth with an amazing family. I love you all!

  5. I miss u so much jonah!I love u so much. The time I spent with u was the best days of my life. I miss my little brother who every night would come across the hall and say sissy I am scared,can I sleep with u.or when he would always give me hugs and kisses.Jonah gave the best hugs. I still remember how every time I would git out of the shower he would all ways say Jessi were u at. And he would run after me tryn to give me spankings lol. I love u jonah and never will forgit u. Love always your sister Jessi !!!!! Xoxoxoxo