Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Not kicking the bucket anytime soon ... my life list

Live as if your were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. -- Gandhiji

In my youth I was a "fly by the seat of my pants" kind of girl. Spontaneity was just a part of whom I was; never thinking twice about throwing some clothes in a bag, jumping in the car and heading the beach. Now, however I find myself tempered by the passing years, realizing that I am one of many that needs a road map for my life. Precise directions reduce my stress level and put me at ease.

One way that I accomplish this tedious task is by creating lists. Lists allow me to prioritize things and focus on what has to be completed. Seeing things physically crossed off a list gives me satisfaction of a job completed.

I create lists for everything; grocery lists, bill lists, errand lists, house cleaning lists, etc. Recently I came across a list on a blog that I had not made yet. Baby Making Machine has a Baby Bucket List on her web site. Intrigued I did what I usually do ... I Googled "Bucket List" to see just what was out there.

I came across the movie The Bucket List. Having seen the movie so long ago I pulled the DVD off the shelf and watched again as Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman leapt from planes, drove race cars, ate caviar, and several other exciting things on their list before they "kick the bucket."Being the list maker that I am, I decided to create my own Bucket List, that I am renaming my Life List. I have listed 100 things that I wish to do during my lifetime. I will blog about the items on the list as I complete them. I challenge all of you to create a list of your own.

Here is my list:

  1. Attend a ballet

  2. Attend a spa

  3. Attend an opera

  4. Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans

  5. Attend New Year’s Eve in Times Square

  6. Bake bread from scratch

  7. Build a Habitat for Humanity Home

  8. Build a house

  9. Buy a flat screen television

  10. Buy a new SLR Digital camera

  11. Buy a Sony E-Reader

  12. Buy something from a store on Rodeo Drive

  13. Complete my own quilt

  14. Cook my way through an entire cookbook

  15. Create a beautiful flower garden

  16. Create a coffee table book of my own photography

  17. Create a family cookbook

  18. Create a family memory book

  19. Create a gallery of photos that I took

  20. Create a sanctuary for myself

  21. Create a vision board

  22. Decorate every room in my house for Christmas

  23. Eat at Emeril’s in New Orleans

  24. Eat at five different  5-star restaurants in my state

  25. Eat Godiva chocolate

  26. Enter a writing competition

  27. Exercise for 20 minutes every day for an entire month

  28. Find a sand dollar at the ocean

  29. Find a starfish at the ocean

  30. Finish a DIY project

  31. Finish a New York Times crossword puzzle

  32. Fly in an airplane

  33. Get a manicure and a pedicure

  34. Get a reading from a psychic

  35. Get back to 140 lbs

  36. Go crabbing

  37. Go on a cruise

  38. Go rock climbing

  39. Go sailing

  40. Go scuba diving

  41. Go to the Kentucky Derby

  42. Go white water rafting

  43. Have a book published

  44. Have an email pen pal

  45. Invest in a stock

  46. Keep a journal for 365 consecutive days

  47. Learn a new skill

  48. Learn a new word everyday for a month

  49. Learn how to become more “green”

  50. Learn sign language

  51. Learn to knit

  52. Learn to say “hello” in 25 different languages

  53. Learn to speak a foreign language

  54. Learn Yoga

  55. Look for my family’s names on Parris Island

  56. Make handmade crafts for family for Christmas

  57. Make handmade pasta

  58. Make homemade candles

  59. Milk a cow

  60. Own a piece of art

  61. Own a swimming pool

  62. Own lakefront property

  63. Pay off debts

  64. Pick and cut down a Christmas tree

  65. Plant fruit trees

  66. Read all of Shakespeare’s plays

  67. Read all of the Harry Potter books

  68. Renew my wedding vows

  69. Rent a summer cottage for a month

  70. Research my family tree

  71. Ride in a hot air balloon

  72. Ride in a limousine

  73. See a live Alabama football game

  74. Shop at the World’s Largest Yard Sale

  75. Spend a night in an alleged haunted place

  76. Spend a weekend in Nantucket

  77. Spend an entire weekend with each of my kids individually

  78. Stay in a cabin in the mountains

  79. Swim with dolphins

  80. Take a picture of one object in each of the 4 seasons

  81. Take a surfing lesson

  82. Take a train ride

  83. Take an online course

  84. Take cake decorating classes

  85. Take my kids spelunking

  86. Take pictures on a safari

  87. Visit a vineyard

  88. Visit Coney Island

  89. Visit Mexico

  90. Visit my family in Germany

  91. Visit the Grand Canyon

  92. Visit the Louvre in Paris

  93. Visit Washington DC

  94. Walk 5 miles

  95. Watch a sunrise & sunset with my husband

  96. Watch all of the Lord of the Rings movies

  97. Watch every movie that Audrey Hepburn has ever made

  98. Win a writing competition

  99. Write a book

  100. Write letters of forgiveness

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