Friday, August 21, 2009

Life's Travels

I was cleaning out a box of old computer things when I happened across a link I had saved. Just for fun I typed it in and low and behold it was a poem I had submitted to I am sure that it is at least 7 years old or older since it was listed under my previously married name (Crystal P.). It is titled "Life's Travels" and I thought I would share it. Enjoy.

Life's Travels

Life it is a curious thing,
with twists and turns everywhere.
We travel these roads miles at a time
without so much as a care.

 Through meadows of flowers and deserts of
sand, the journey continues along.
We are constantly making choices...some
right, some wrong.

Over tall hills and through deep valleys we
try to glide with ease.
Soon to realize that our lives,
don't "happen" just as we please.

Tunnels come and tunnels go...light and dark
and light.
We press on firmly toward the mark without
any ending in sight.

Life it is a marvelous thing, with many joys
and sorrows to share.
We travel these roads miles at a time,yet
there are some who still aren't aware.

 Crystal P. (aka Crystal E.)



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