Monday, August 17, 2009

Music. Food for the soul & inspiration for writers.

Music is not just good for the soul. It's great for writers too. Just ask Procrastinating Writers author Jennifer Blanchard.

Since I decided to get back to my writing, I felt it would best to do some much needed research. Times have changed, writing styles are different and what was in long ago is not always what's in now. I perused several blogs that offer advice on writing and came across Procrastinating Writers. This blog is full of juicy little tidbits that would be helpful to any type of writer.

One of Blanchard's suggestions for story inspiration really caught my attention. Let Song Lyrics Inspire Your Next Story discusses how she allowed the lyrics from the music that surrounds her everyday to inspire her creativity. She even goes into how one of her favorite songs has turned out to be a new short story, soon to be available on podcast.

While pondering this new found wisdom, Ash told me about one of her homework assignments for Music Appreciation class. She had to choose a song that she liked and that she could relate to herself in some way. Once she chose her song she was required to write about it and tell how her song choice related to her or her life. Being a music lover and an eclectic one at that, Ash had a very hard time narrowing her choice to just one song. Eventually she decided to go with "Let It Be" by The Beatles.

After reading the Procrastinating Writers blog and Ash's homework assignment I decided that there was a grain of truth in the fact that the arts do correlate with each other on some level. I am headed over to my itunes to see what gets my creative juices flowing, maybe you should too.

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