Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Writing using prompts

I just can't talk enough about the Procrastinating Writers blog. Jennifer Blanchard, author of this famous blog, shares her words of wisdom in an effort to get procrastinating writer's like me off of our duffs and writing. Her idea for a writing productivity tool is just one of the many ways she assists in getting those creative brain cells jumping.

Blanchard, along with some help from George W. Adams, a fourth-year software engineering undergrad from Rochester Institute of Technology, created a Write Everyday productivity tool. Write Everyday is a productivity tool that offers a writing prompt to help you jump-start your daily writing. You can set the timer to stop your typing after a certain amount of time or you can continue on until you decide to quit. Blanchard suggests using Write Everyday as an "idea starter". Since the prompts on this tool are random, using it everyday is definitely a possibility. Check out her post, Write Everyday: Here's How, for access to Write Everyday and view instructions on how to use this tool.In my never ending search to improve my writing skills I ran across a writing prompt productivity site. OneWord is fun and easy. You click on the "go" button and are rerouted to the writing page. There you'll see the daily word at the top of the page. A timer begins and you are given 60 seconds to write using the word given as inspiration. You are then asked to submit your writing to be displayed with other writers. Note: If you are shy about your writings you can submit anonymously.

The best way to improve your writing is simply to write . . . and write . . . and write. Practice writing with Write Everyday or OneWord to develop a feel for writing and find your writing style. You know what they say ... "Practice makes perfect".



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