Wednesday, August 25, 2010


365 WDays to Improve My Life

In my post Finish What You Start I stated a difficult realization. I haven't spent an entire 365 days devoted to any hobby or interest that I've had. For some reason it is hard for me to complete things that I start. I have the best of intentions when I begin a new project or delve into a new hobby, but we all know what they say about good intentions and where that paved road leads us. After much thought and talking it over with my sister-in-law Marie, I have decided on a 365 Project.
For 365 days I am going to focus on my mind, body and spirit. Every day I must complete a task that enhances or improves my life through my mind, body and spirit. Whether it is exercise, yoga, reading, learning something new or a simple task like cleaning and organizing ... it must be done AND cover all three needs. It doesn't have to be just one task, but can be three separate ones to fulfill the requirement.

Luckily, I am not alone in this endeavor. Marie has decided to do it with me. This way we will be able to keep each other excited about it and we will have someone else to hold us accountable. We are going to talk with each other every day to discuss our progress and plan for the next day. Structure and support will go far in helping me to complete this project, along with blogging about my journey. At the end of 365 days we are going to reward ourselves with a trip to one of Paula Deen's restaurants.

The other suggestion that Marie had was to begin immediately. Waiting to start the project only gives me more time to forget about it, get out of it, or practice my great skill of procrastination.  So, project 365 begins tomorrow, August 26, 2010.

Tasks for 08/26/10 :
Mind -  Learn something new.
Body - Clean the house, top to bottom. *Swim in the pool.
Spirit - Read words of inspiration to start off the day.

*Edit : After much consideration I have decided to change Body from "Clean the house, top to bottom" to swim a few laps in the pool. Mind you the pool is small, but large enough to get some exercise. The reason I decided to change is because I felt like I was cheating. Cleaning the house is something I am supposed to do anyway, it's exercise - yes, but not in the sense that I need for rejuvenation. I am however, going to have to stay on top of the house work as well as everything else. Keeping my home and family healthy and happy are just as important as keeping my mind, body and spirit that way.

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