Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is it Fall yet?

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Don't get me wrong, I love summer. I love swimming and laying out, soaking up the sun's rays. I especially enjoy spending family time with the kids while on some crazy vacation. The water, the sun, the smell of tanning oil and fresh cut grass are always longed for after a cold winter.  It's just that as I get older I seem to be drawn to the midway seasons, Spring and Fall.

Maybe it's because by the time August gets here Alabama is hotter than three hells combined and more humid than the tropics. Throw in my body's need to remind me of my menopausal state with frequent hot flashes and I begin looking forward breezy days and cooler nights. I love the colors of the trees as they start to turn yellow, orange and red. I can't wait for the Fall rains that come and lull me to sleep.
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 Perhaps I am attracted to Fall because of the smells that linger within it. The smell of smoke from a not to far away chimney or a pile of burning leaves always makes me breathe in deeper, sucking the smell into my soul. The scents wafting from homes are usually a mesh of apples, pumpkins, cinnamon and pine, signaling the upcoming holidays.

The holidays are a joy all on their own. Halloween with all of the kids dressed up in costumes and running around shouting "trick-or-treat" kicks them off in a fun way. The mini Snickers and Butterfingers I manage to sneak from the kids' candy stash always make the chaos of the night worth it.  Thanksgiving isn't to far behind with the turkey feast and family gatherings. Who doesn't like piling a plate high with enough food to feed a small nation and parking your behind in front of the t.v. to catch the local football game.

Going to football games are better than watching them on t.v. The crowd, the hot dogs, the band playing loudly all add to the joy of the actual game.  Of course the high school football games are just a reminder that school has started once again. A good thing for stay at home moms who have had their fill of teen angst and being the local taxi service; not so good for those same moms who are now required to get up early to get kids off to school and threaten the kids with reform school if homework isn't done before bedtime.

Revere Burgundy Chenille Sofa Throw Blanket All that aside, I think that Fall is my favorite because it is prime snuggling weather. Romance is in the air mixing in among the falling leaves. It is nice enough outside to walk hand-in-hand with your sweetheart during the day and cool enough to have to cuddle under the covers to keep warm at night. If you aren't up to sharing the day with someone else then you can always snuggle up with a warm blanket and a good book. With all of the wonderful things that Fall brings how can you not look forward to it?

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