Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day Two

Today was just an average day ... NOT! Today was day two in my newest endeavor, the 365 Project.

Today I woke up late, but I still intended to make the best of what was left of the day.  I loved the wisdom of Maya Angelou that I found yesterday, so I decided to read some more of her work today.  As expected she put a spring in my step and a smile on my face. (Spiritual - check)

Once I was able to steal my attention away from Ms. Angelou, I went to work on my creative side. Tapping into the creative juices of my brain, I came across a project that I had intended to do but never got around to. I have a small table in my living room that I wanted to paint. My kitchen and living room are open so I wanted the small table to match the other furniture. The kitchen table and sideboard are both black. The table and chairs I bought that way, but the sideboard is really an old table that I found outside and painted myself. I thought it would be a good idea to paint the small table the same as I had the sideboard. I gathered up my materials, my paint and the table and went to work.

First, I painted the entire table red. Then, I painted over the red with black. In some areas I allowed the red to still show, sort of like a white wash - but with black. I was pleased with myself and the way everything turned out, despite the issue with patience or my lack thereof. I attempted to checkerboard the top of the table using tape ... BEFORE the paint was completely dry. Chaos ensued but was promptly taken care of. Needless to say the top is not checkerboarded at all.  (Mind - check).

While I waited for the paint to dry I realized that it was getting close to time for the football to start.  If you know me at all, you know that I am more content at home, in my sweats with my computer on my lap. I have slowly over time become a hermit. This was NOT what you would have described me as five years ago. I'm not sure what has changed, but I could care less about going out or socializing. In fact, I have come to hate it. Determined to "step out of my box", I vowed to attend the local high school football game. My youngest daughter was performing as a feature twirler for the very first time and I knew I couldn't miss it.

I took a shower, blow dried my hair and styled it, put on make up and a squirt of perfume, put on some jeans and a cute top and went to town. Literally! Once at the game I had a great time. I talked with people I know, sat with my hubby and ate nachos, watched the game and couldn't stop grinning while my baby girl performed.  Of course, the downpour of rain was a slight bummer and I was totally soaked and cold, but I really enjoyed myself. I think that I owe it to myself to get out and about more often. (Body - check).

Today turned out to be a rather fulfilling day. Here's hoping that tomorrow is just as good.

Tasks for 08/28/10 :
Mind - Enjoy a book.
Body - Take a walk.
Spirit - Read words of inspiration to start off the day.

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