Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Finish What You Start

 To finish first you must first finish.
~ Rick Mears 

Okay, so it has been said that I have a rather short attention span. Actually, I think the exact words were, "You never manage to finish anything that you start". After I was through sulking I completely removed the thought from my brain and vowed never to let it return.  However, it managed to find an open door (as opposed to a crack in the foundation) and crept back in. 

It all began while I was watching the movie Julie & Julia, where Julie Powell decides to cook her way through Julia Child's cookbook, "Mastering the Art of French Cooking", in a year and to blog about it. During one of Julie's meltdowns about not meeting her deadline, I realized that I haven't spent an entire 365 days devoted to any hobby or interest that I've had. So, I have decided to do just that.

Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea what to do. I mean, what can I do for 365, count them three hundred and sixty-five, days that I have half a chance at successfully completing. I have given myself a deadline to decide on something to do and another deadline to start it. August 31, 2010, exactly one week from today I will have chosen what I will do for an entire year. A week from that, on September 7, I will start what I am lovingly dubbing "My Year of Completion". Wish me luck ... I fear that I may need it.

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