Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day Four

Four days down ... three hundred sixty-one more to go.

The tasks for today were easy. I started out searching for inspirational saying and songs. Once I was upbeat and feeling good I started rereading my novel. Actually, it's not complete - just a work in progress. Since one of my three goals for today was creative writing I began editing and adding to my story.  I really need to get a word counter so I can set goals regarding my writing.

All that was left to work on was my spirit. I was determined to learn meditation. I had heard so many good things about it that I was positive it would help reduce my stress level. Apparently I was doing something wrong. I followed all of the directions that I was given, focused on my breathing, listened to the soothing sounds coming from my computer and promptly fell asleep. Yep ... not exactly what is supposed to happen.

Once I woke up I headed out of the house for a walk. Making my way through the woods beside our house I ran across a few birdhouses that were abandoned. I lugged them home, pulled out my paints and prettied them up. I have to admit that since I began my 365 Project it has been easier for me to get more active. I believe this is a great habit to have started.

Tasks for 08/30/10 :
Mind - Get organized for grocery day.
Body - Get some much needed rest.
Spirit - Relax and pray.


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