Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Firsts Are Usually the Best

First loves, first jobs, first anything ... are usually the sweetest. I enjoy sharing in my kids "firsts". The girls came to me with their first kisses and we laughed and cried about it. Today I was thrilled to be a part of one of my son's firsts.

Z got his first official car. A car that is his and his alone. Of course it is an older model, has a ding in the back fender, is missing the ashtray and a hubcap and really needs a good vacuuming. But ... he loves it because it is his first. Life is either miserable or wonderful at his age and today my husband and I got a chance to make it great. My son grabbed me, picked me up off of the ground and swung me around. With tears in his eyes he smiled and said, "Thank you momma. I love you."  That is the first time he has ever squeezed me that tight.  Nothing is better than ... your first.

1996 Honda Prelude

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